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Our goal is to  expand a necessity into an affordable luxury for all. Your soaps will carefully be created by our Bragg family. We are proud to announce our soaps are sls free (sodium lauryl sulfate) and are designed to be as gentle to  your skin as they are to the environment. Each soap is hand made, infused with Evening Primrose Extract and wrapped with the beautiful end result of neither soap being exactly the same nor entirely different. 



In order to create all our beautiful designs we incorporate all soap making methods into each bar of individually designed cake of soap. Our ingredients consist of coconut, palm and olive oils. A variety of extracts. A variety of butters. Our soaps are glycerin based, rebatched, french milled and cold processed. Olive Oil, Aloe and Honey are also used in our special formulas. Our method is shred, curl, twirl, blend, wait patiently, whip, dip, mix  and whatever it takes to create the design and beautiful creamy lathery texture of each handmade jewel.  We use both essential  and highest grade  pure fragrance oils to achieve the perfect balance of scent.All natural ingredients are designed to be as noursihing and healthy for your skin as they are safe to the environment. Sulfate Free. You will love the difference.



Our skin holds us together, so why wouldn't we want only the best. With the use of our products we want your skin to feel refreshed, smell good, and be cleansed well. 


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